Top 10 tourist attractions in Zagreb

Good morning I asked 100 people from Zagreb: “What is your favorite place? What are you recommending to see?” THIS IT IS THIS IS THE RESULT In Zagreb there is a cafe on 16stym floor, but this is not the only reason to see this place.

Zagreb Eye on the top of a skyscraper I’ll show you the beautiful panorama of the city. In the north of the city stretches a mountain range Medvednica with its highest peak Sljeme. Residents of Zagreb love this place because of the possibility of walking, cycling and winter skiing View of Zagreb. There is a lake surrounded by trees.

They organize all kinds of events, eg.

An international horticultural exhibition Flora Art When we were there, we saw lots of little ducks, swans.

Lovely place Cathedral Marijina Uznesenja Very important monument of Zagreb.

A good place to start your tour of Zagreb.

Square bana Josipa Jelačicia.

“Vidimo se under repom” – that we see under the tail.

So they say Zagreb about their favorite meeting place or just square.

From here you can catch the tram to dowlonego place Zagreb and feel the heart of the city toss a coin into the fountain and meet a very important person.

Josipa Jelačicia on horseback at the center of the square.

Jelacic is a national hero street Tkalčićeva Street is a historically significant place.

Many years ago I was divided into Zagreb “Gradec” and “Kaptol” located on separate hills.

From the bridge the river located between them created just street Tkalčićeva Today, the street is one of the better places for walks and spending time on meals.

To quote one girl who advertised the street.

“I feel great when being on the street Tkalčićeva I sit on one of the terraces of cafes with friends, soak up the sun and enjoy the time spent with these people” The number “4” is a great place for active people.

You can run, walk, ride a bike or kayak It is also important for the Polish sport.

Here in 1987 for the Universiade gold medal he won Izabela Dylewska Zrinjevak a great place to zreklasować a conversation with friends at the charming fountain Park is located in the center of Zagreb and is one of the seven parts of the so-called.

“Green Horseshoe” Maksimir Park is an old park with several small lakes.

In some places it looks like a forest.

Very charming place.

Ideal for walking, jogging or device a picnic.

beautiful autumn Gornij Grad – the old part of Zagreb Gornij Grad is important for historical reasons.

There is the Church of St.

Mark Lotrščak Tower, the Museum of broken relationships, Stone Gate and many more Why do people love this place? Charming, amazing, beautiful streets in the evening create a unique atmosphere What’s more is the number one of the residents of Zagreb! The most beautiful place in Zagreb! IT’S TRUE ! Thanks to everyone who opowiedzili for “in place”.

You gave us a lot of ideas to explore your beautiful city.


Source: Youtube