Yachts in Croatia are great!

I really enjoy sailing every time when I go to Croatia on a yacht. Yes, yacht, a beautiful sailing boat, on which I spend most of my vacations in summer. We charter a yacht, always from a different marina and we sail to the most wonderful cities you could ever imagine. I do love sailing, yachts in Croatia as really nice and charter is easy. If you would ever consider yacht charter in Croatia, think about this great way of activity outdoor!

Yacht charter Croatia



In the first day of the trip, we are really stunning to see the natural and amazing scenic location Korcula is the most wonderful place for all travellers right now. It is an island is located in the Adriatic Sea of the mainlands peninsula. There are huge numbers of tourist people are choosing this hot spot more and enjoyed them lot. Here we enjoy the Yacht service lot at affordable rates.

Croatian catamarans

Day -2 Hvar Bisevo

After we finish the Korcula trip then move to the next island in the second day morning to the Hvar Buisevo. It is very the place we are enjoying the morning breakfast in the sea shore restaurants and play beach ball match and visit the hot spot in the island one by one. Try yacht charter in Croatia.


Day- 3 Sukosan

We reach the Sukosan after enjoyed in the Korcula Island, it is one of the most leading and favourite tourist spot for all because almost all people are enjoy the Sailing boat to visit all the scenic and underwater wonders more. It is located in the Adriatic tourism road between the Biograd and Zadar.


Day 3 Rogoznica – Skradin

Rogoznica is the most famous tourist village in this country. This village has the most unique resorts. The most recent history about this village increased the overall interests of tourists like us to visit this village during the tourism in Croatia.

Our yacht in Rogoznica Croatia

Day 4 Skradin – Zlarin

The most expected facilities in our yacht charter encouraged us to enhance every aspect of our tourism. For example, we had reached Skradin in the fourth day of our tour package. As a small town in Croatia, Skradin is not known among those who like to enjoy yatching in Croatia. A series of waterfalls and Skradinski buk in this small town make many visitors more contented than ever. We enjoyed our daytime in this town.

Another photo of our charter base

Catamarans and sailing yachts

Yacht is actually a special kind of wooden boat with the shallow draft which will make possible for it to enter the narrow canals. There were both traditional and advanced types of yacht available there. We would want to enjoy both experience with the typical yacht boat and also newly designed yacht boat with the latest technology. So, we have booked two types of yacht boats for each person. One yacht was for enjoying adventure in Kea city and one was for enjoying yachting in Milos city. Boat rental could be a miraculous experience on the internet sailing company. There are wide collections of catamaran and yacht sailing boats.


Ultimate experience of sailing in Croatia

After spending the hard days of the stressful life in the schools and offices, a joyful vacation is more important for you to cheer up. So, you can plan your dream vacation in Croatia to enjoy your holidays and feels free with full spirit in the today’s lifestyle.

On the last vacation, we had a fantastic holiday trip to Croatia with my family members. It was an amazing trip and we ever missed a single place to visit in the Croatia. We sailed to the greater Island and the boat trip was better than what we expected. In that place, a team of staffs were available to provide meals and service to us with very high standard. One of the staffs named Deanna, she was really excellent to give an answer for all our queries and also very good humored and fun. She understood everyone’s need in the ship and properly communicated the entire plans each day successfully.

Our sailing trip

Our captain’s name was John-such a pleasant young man. I hoped he was an experienced sailor. Now, we are leaving on Rovinj.
On a sailboat, you may go to an isle that seems close at hand for hours, and Michael with John changed tack repeatedly.
Bavaria 33 is a small boat, but it truly is equipped with all the requirements. There are two cabins: one and the second.
The anchor dropped at some concealed bays with water of colors that were astonishing, berthing at the old quays filled with similar yachts, which were in a charter.
What would you need for enjoyable sailing? First is friendly relations. Your journey beliefs are fully determined by the captain: whether you’ll be flying by means of the engine slowly with all sails or motoring.