Day 3 Rogoznica – Skradin

Rogoznica is the most famous tourist village in this country. This village has the most unique resorts. The most recent history about this village increased the overall interests of tourists like us to visit this village during the tourism in Croatia.

Our yacht in Rogoznica Croatia

Day 4 Skradin – Zlarin

The most expected facilities in our yacht charter encouraged us to enhance every aspect of our tourism. For example, we had reached Skradin in the fourth day of our tour package. As a small town in Croatia, Skradin is not known among those who like to enjoy yatching in Croatia. A series of waterfalls and Skradinski buk in this small town make many visitors more contented than ever. We enjoyed our daytime in this town.

Another photo of our charter base

Catamarans and sailing yachts

Yacht is actually a special kind of wooden boat with the shallow draft which will make possible for it to enter the narrow canals. There were both traditional and advanced types of yacht available there. We would want to enjoy both experience with the typical yacht boat and also newly designed yacht boat with the latest technology. So, we have booked two types of yacht boats for each person. One yacht was for enjoying adventure in Kea city and one was for enjoying yachting in Milos city. Boat rental could be a miraculous experience on the internet sailing company. There are wide collections of catamaran and yacht sailing boats.