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Yacht charter in Croatia becomes supreme because of its vast number of beaches. To enjoy your life and mind as you let loose yourself and feel the salty air of the beach and let the spotless waters take over your senses. The sunrise and set are giving divine experience in those beaches which make ourselves admiring the glorious sun reach out across the sea where we stand.

Yacht charter

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The Croatia is one of the most exciting tourism places to visit which records a million tourist visitors per year. This amazing place aims to doubles these numbers by upcoming years. The entire areas in the country have been designated with the full of beaches, national parks and the landscapes as well as offer extra protection from the development.


During the last vacation, we have planned to visit Croatia which is one of the most fashionable places to visit. The whole country has been thoroughly worked over by the tourist industry. We have enjoyed a lot with the number of positive directions include touring families, yachters, long distance cyclists, backpackers, spa-hotel surfers and all the sailors have seen a big leap forward in the quality of what the country has to offer.

This most beautiful place for the yacht charter in Croatia is one of the blessed historic towns and has a wealth of natural attractions to offer. The sail Croatia offers a wide range of bare boats and yacht charters for the tourists so we bought the own yacht to enjoy the large fleets of sailing boats in many places. One of the most beautiful places that i have visited in Croatia is Pula. Let me share my own experience about Pula in the following words.

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The pula is one of the main towns in Croatia that comprises of big hotels, rooms, apartments, restaurants and houses. We have spent a week in pula and enjoyed each and every place. It was a very nice town trip and located at the tip of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. Its history was very interesting to be heard when it was built by Illyrians and started about 3000 years ago. The places that admired yacht rent a lot in pula are Roman ruins and a verdant coastline because it was very amazing.

Unlike other Istrian destinations, the pula has a flourishing life, apart from the tourist business. There were a lot of interesting day trips available and the visitors were enjoyed a lot in Istria. During the day, we planned to spend our time on the beach and went to one of the restaurants or nightspots at night.We do recommend you yacht charter in all possible marinas in Croatia you can find.


Most of the hotels in pula were also on verudela peninsula. Even though the bus system was excellent and also the pula makes it helpful to have a car to use. The coast of pula makes a lovely day trip and offers a number of yachts for sale to enjoy the most popular beaches with the locals. Therefore, it was an amazing travelling experience to our whole family throughout the lifetime.